Sunday, May 10, 2015


I chose to create this design based of the 1930’s for Passport for Fashion’s, Decades of Fashion. It’s not a typical 1930’s styled design but something a bit more unusual to engrave my sense of couture into this dress.
The dress had a Victorian feel to it, with a hint of Filipino style as well.

It’s funny how sometimes, when you’ve completed your design, you take a step back to look at your dress and it isn’t appealing or the color scheme doesn’t work. I had to change perspectives. In the end, I decided to a wine purple and white color scheme.

I added gloves, jewelry and a headpiece that summed up the look of the 1930’s I am very happy and satisfied with what I came up with in the end.
Model: Sarah Merrell
Photography by: Plain Jane Supermodels


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