Friday, September 5, 2014

Ballantyne Village

The theme of Charlotte Fashion Week 2014 was the Landmarks of Charlotte. I immediately chose the Ballantyne Village Theater building, where I live, right away. It’s a prominent building in south Charlotte.
The building is beautiful to showcase on the runway because on the top of the building is a gorgeous display of lights that change into different colors. During the day, the building looks blue because of the big tinted windows, and the top of the building is perfect to be the design for the headpiece.

The headpiece was made of Styrofoam so it was very light and easy for the model to wear on her head, but a week before the show a huge disaster occurred. My husband was checking out the headpiece one day. He lifted it up high above his head so he could check out the lighting system, but didn’t realize he left the ceiling fan on. CRACK! In the blink of an eye, the headpiece was sliced in half. I didn’t have enough time to make another one and I also ran out of spare materials but thank goodness my husband is a handy man. He helped me fix the broken part by mending it back together with wood putty, and structured it better so that the headpiece was more sturdy. We painted it a metallic silver color positioned the lights in a more accurate way.
At first, I created a dress with a peplum design, but it didn’t work. So the final look for my recyclable design was a pencil cut dress. I worked on this dress for two months, adding the finishing touches the day of the show.
Our model, Alyson Cordery pulled it all together, bearing the weight of the Ballantyne Village wings on the runway. She held her head high, and walked with sophistication and elegance. She was absolutely stunning and the entire dress looked beautiful on the runway.

Model: Alyson Cordery
Hair: Paul Mitchell Beauty School
MUA: Alyson Cordery
Materials used: blue hospital lab gown, cellophane, styrofoam, silver tape, bamboo sticks, cardboard, and paint


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