Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Queen of Hearts

My family loves to play card games. When my daughters were younger, Friday night was our “Family Game Night.” As the girls got older, they began babysitting and working so Family Game Nights became less frequent Our closet was filled with many board games and card games that have gone unused for many years. So I decided to create a dress made of cards and another our of chess games.
The inspiration for my Queen of Hearts dress was my oldest daughter, Genevieve. She loved playing card games with her friends when they came over to our house.  Her favorite game to play was Slap Jack with her father.
This dress went though several changes before the finalized look. This look has an Asian feel to it. I was inspired by a Korean drama, Fugitive of Joseon, where the Queen had this big braided hair, so I knew I wanted my model to have the same hair.
The skirt has a pineapple look to it; crisscrossed trash bags and red plastic table-cloth. The top is made with the cards which I interlocked with red yarn. I created matching Queen of Hearts earrings too. This dress really wowed the audience. The dress was featured in one of Charlotte’s magazines! I was so surprised! I found out a bit late, but I saw it Rita Miles’ (director of the fashion shows) Facebook page.

Model: Genevieve Cordery
Hair: Charles Grayson Salon (Yonette Poindexter, stylist)
MUA: Genevieve Cordery

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