Friday, September 13, 2013

The Queen of Chess

Photography by S. Ali Photos
My youngest daughter, Alyson, was the inspiration for the Queen of Chess dress. She enjoys playing chess and was a member of the school chess club in middle school and high school. She has a few chess board collections of her own; plastic, glass, and wood.
I made this outfit out of her old chess board games (since pieces were missing) and then combined them with checkers pieces.

The headpiece of the outfit is also unique; it has 4 sides and is pyramid shaped.

The top of this design is cardboard and chess board and I glued chess pieces on it. It has an hourglass figure with a peplum bottom.
As we all know, the Queen of Chess wears the pants in the game world, so it was only right that my model wore pants on the runway. The pants are made of black and white plastic tablecloth and I added a chevron flare near the ankle.
The Queen of Chess also has more moves than anyone else and can go in any direction she pleases. With matching gloves and earrings this couture design represents the idea of a strong and opinionated woman, like my daughter Alyson. This design was the embodiment of her personality.
Photo by Johnny Perez
Model: Alyson Cordery  
Hair: Charles Grayson Salon (Yonette Poindexter, stylist)  
MUA: Alyson Cordery

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