Sunday, April 21, 2013

The IV Bottle Cap Dress

So far, this dress has been my most colorful design. It is made from hospital intravenous IV medication bottle caps. It has a very unique feel to it because this design is the pride of my department. Everyone I work with, at CMC Hospital, pitched in to save the caps for me. Every week, the 
IV team would hand me zip-lock bags filled with many different colors and sizes of caps. This dress is representative of the strong team work in my department.

Photo by Dave Goldman

For two months, I collected bottle caps until I had enough to create a uniquely styled dress. The colors of the caps made the dress “pop” on the runway.
My model, Genevieve, rocked the runway with a high fashion attitude. Her amazing air brushed make-up was done by Jessica Lynn Dabel.

Model: Genevieve Cordery
Hair: Orange Olive Hair Gallery
MUA: Jessica Lynn Dabel

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