Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Soda Can Tabs Dress

This dress was a labor of love. My eldest daughter had collected soda tabs since she was in middle school to give to the cancer society.
Underneath the silver party dress is an old crocheted dress that I made years ago, for myself. I kept the dress after all this time, because I figured one of my daughters could wear it when they got older. My eldest, Genevieve, showed a lot of interest in the dress.

Photo by David Goldman

In 2012, I participated in a recyclable fashion show event. This outfit is special to me because it was my very first creation as a runway designer. I wove the soda tabs with thin wire into the crocheted dress to give the outfit a scaly silver look. The dress was even more precious to me because my eldest daughter wore the dress on the runway, she looked so beautiful and poised.

I was inspired by native Filipino style and decided to create a “native” recyclable look which included soda bottle labels which had to be very carefully removed, or else they would tear on the bottle.
The headpiece I made was hard to keep in Genevieve’s hair. The hair stylist had to pull her hair back into an extremely tight pony tail. The rest of her hair was braided very tightly so that the headpiece could be sown into her hair with string. It was painful but she pulled it off and really made my design come to life on the runway.

Model: Genevieve Cordery
Hair: David Ross Salon
MUA: Creative Faces 
Materials used: yarn, thin wire, soda tabs, and soda labels.


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