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Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Love Potion Dress

My recyclable dress for Charlotte Seen’s Passport for Fashion was inspired by today’s fashion trends, and love.
Red has always been a favorite color of mine, for its strong appearance and vibrant color.
Every year at Christmas time we would buy a fresh Christmas tree which came with a red and white plastic net that wrapped around the tree. I would always keep the netting because it reminds me of when I did a lot of crochet when I was a stay-at-home mom.

This year’s theme for the show was, Decades of Fashion, starting from the 1920’s until today’s fashion. I was already making a design for the 1930’s when Rita Miles, Director of Charlotte Seen, asked my to make a design for present-day style. I was inspired by the mermaid-style dresses of Hollywood stars, and the trend of a sheer/see-through gown. I decided to use the red and white plastic net to be the inspiration and color scheme for the dress. My goal was to make a beautiful and elegant dress with intricate patterns. In the end, I decided to name my dress the Love Potion Dress because of the bright red color and the mermaid-style figure of the dress.
The model, displayed this unique design at Passport for Fashion on May 9th at Le Meridien Hotel.
Materials used: Disposable hospital gown, red and white plastic table-cloth, red and white plastic nets.

Model: Rachel Graham
Photo by Todd Youngblood

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